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Birthplace of Texas GeoTour



UPDATE: We are gearing up for a second year, hopefully more successful than the first! Thank you to all who have come to geocache in Washington County!

A second batch of coins have been ordered, but this batch will be a single, non-trackable collectible coin. Pathtags have also arrived and sell in our Visitor Center for $3 each.

We have 60 of the trackable & proxy coin sets left. Have you earned yours yet? Come cache with us!


View all the caches on our GeoTour Page on Geocaching.com! 



Birthplace of Texas GeoTour


Geocache in Brenham, Texas, the first geotour in TexasWe are so excited to bring you the very first official GeoTour in Texas - a 38-stage trail encompassing all of Washington County! If you want to win a prize you will need to collect points by caching, eating, sleeping and shopping throughout the county. Collect 25 or more points and you win!


  1. "Find 10, Get a Pen!" - Find 10 caches, turn in your Passport and you'll get a really cool geocaching carabiner pen!
  2. Collect 25 or more points by caching, eating, sleeping and/or shopping and you'll receive a collectible geocoin & a trackable proxy of it to send out into the world.


Download the Passport and print it off before you come! You will need this to collect prizes and to record the code letter found in each cache container.


You can also pick up a hard copy in our Visitor Center (115 West Main, Brenham) and our Chamber Headquarters (314 South Austin, Brenham). (One Passport per geocache name.)


The great part about this GeoTour is that you do not have to have a Passport to play! These caches will be hidden and placed on the Geocaching.com website just like any other cache. You are welcome to find one or all and never have to submit a Passport. BUT, the fun of an official GeoTour is the challenge of finding all of the caches!



What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a FREE real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online at Geocaching.com. If you are not already registered, you will need to do so to find caches and log your finds.




There are over 200 caches spread throughout Washington County, Texas, but most of those are placed by individuals. The Brenham/Washington County Chamber-CVB is excited to implement the very first official "Birthplace of Texas GeoTour!" We have collaborated with our tourism partners to hide caches throughout our area, placed with their permission on their premises.



Worldwide Fun for All!

Geocaching is a fun hobby for all ages and all walks of life. A worldwide challenge for adventure enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, teenagers, children, seniors - you name it! There are more than 6 million geocachers registered in this world, finding at least one of 2+ million caches each day. It's a great way to get outside, get dirty, explore new areas, and bond with your friends and family.




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