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Plan a trip to Brenham Texas and enjoy our beautiful displays of Texas Wildflowers in the Spring. Come see the Texas Wildflower Trail!

Bluebonnets in Washington CountyWe have many people ask, "When's the best time for bluebonnets?" or "Where's the best spot to take pictures?"  Well, this is the spot to be checking for that very information! Come here for the latest updates on locations, activity, and more regarding all things wildflowers!


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Read our Wildflower DOs & DON'Ts

We know you want to take pictures in the fields lined with colorful flowers, but we want you to be safe. Please follow these guidelines for keeping your family safe during this next season...

  1. Bring that camera! Washington County has a photo contest every year and the winning entry is made into a postcard with the photographer’s photo credit.

  2. It is easy to gaze off the road when you are driving to look for those patches of bluebonnets. Select a designated watcher in the car and have the driver keep his/her eyes on the road! Also, when you pull off to see a patch of wildflowers, be very careful of the cars driving past you and keep your eye on the occupants in your automobile. It is easy to get carried away with getting the best camera shot but be sure you don’t wander off into traffic while looking through the viewfinder!

  3. Keep your eye on small children. We all know how quickly they can dart between cars or out in the street. When you are enjoying or photographing the wildflowers, keep safety in mind for everyone in your party.

  4. Don’t touch, pet or bother the livestock! This includes horses, cows, goats, sheep, etc. It’s neat when you pull over to a bluebonnet patch and there are wonderful animals on the other side of the fence. All of these animals may bite out of aggression, fear or the prospect of food they think you have! Protect yourself and your children by keeping a safe distance. Also, before you sit in a patch of bluebonnets, check the area where you will be sitting - a mound of ants or a surprised snake will not make a pretty picture.

  5. Stay off private property. If there is a fence, that is a good indication it is private property. If it is an unfenced field off the road right-of-way, there is still a good chance it is private property. Instead of trespassing, make sure it is permissible when you wander through the bluebonnets. (Many of our attractions feature bluebonnet patches that are good, safe areas for picture taking.)

  6. Plan ahead! Request a Visitor Guide or call 1-888-BRENHAM. There is a lot to do in Washington County and you will find lodging, restaurants, attractions, shopping, etc. to add to your bluebonnet trip.



2014 Bluebonnet & Wildflower Watch


May 5, 2014: Well.... the bluebonnets are pretty much no more. There are still indian paintbrush though - they keep hanging on! We also have a lot of other flowers now - indian blanket (firewheels), evening primrose, coreopsis ... to name a few. We'll make a trip out this week to see what's blooming where.


April 30, 2014: The indian blanket (firewheels) have exploded over the last week. Seems like every road I drive on I see them! There's also more coreopsis (yellow), winecups, and evening primrose now, too. Bluebonnets are still out there, but winding down. Paintbrush, too! ~Jenny :-)


April 24, 2014: Countryside report - still looks great!  See our Facebook page for pictures and a map of the routes.

   > Old Independence Rd from Brenham to FM 390 looks really pretty. There are lots of paintbrush along the sides of the roads and the closer you get to 390 you'll find lots of bluebonnets in fields. Some are solid blue, others have red and/or yellow mixed in, but all are beautiful.

   > FM 390 around Old Baylor is beautiful with paintbrush and a mix of other colors.

   > Kettler Rd is still pretty wtih bluebonnets.

   > FM 2621 is beautiful with a mix of all kinds of flowers - bluebonnets, paintbrush, yellow daisies, winecups and even indian blanket!

   > FM 50 has a lot of evening primrose in addition to paintbrush and bluebonnets.

   > Wiedeville Church Road runs from Hwy 105 to FM 50 and is a pretty and short drive - lots of color.

   > FM 1948 and Hwy 290 West has a pretty field of Foxglove

   > Hwy 290 West is pretty with bluebonnets and paintbrush

   > FM 390 has a lot of color

   > Hoddeville School Rd field still looks good - more color even!

   > FM 2679 has a lot of color closer to 390.



April 24, 2014: Okay... the bluebonnets are starting to get drowned out by grass and daisies, but there are still some spots that look good! Here is the latest report for the bluebonnets inside the city limits:

   > Industrial Blvd (beyond Fireman's Training Center) and Longwood Drive (near Bluebonnet Electric Coop) have vibrant and thick bluebonnets for up-close pictures of the kids and dogs. The streets are low traffic and wide so you can pull over and get out safely. The grass is tall, though, so watch your step and look carefully for critters before sitting down. These two roads are accessed via Hwy 290 and FM 389.

   > Behind Sealand Seafood & Steak is still a wonderful and large patch of pretty bluebonnets. Turn right at Sealand off the Hwy 290 eastbound feeder and the flowers will be on your left before you get to the T in the road.

   > The bluebonnets on Stringer Street beside the Banner Press are drowned out by grass and daisies. The yellow mixed in looks really nice, but for pictures it's not a great spot anymore.

   > Behind Wal-Mart, Home Depot and La Quinta .... if in a pinch, you could find some decent flowers to take a picture of, but overall these are starting to fade and get too grassy.


April 21, 2014: Here are some sightings from this weekend...

   > West of Old Baylor Park in Independence looks really nice.
   > Old Independence Rd just south of FM 390 has a great field of flowers.
   > Between Seeker Rd & Mockinbird Lane is a nice field.
   > FM 2193 and Flewellen Rd has nice bluebonnets.
   > Wiedeville Church Rd just east of FM 50 has a large field of solid blue bluebonnets.
   > Hwy 290 West is colorful.
   > FM 2679 is beautiful.
   > Chappell Hill Estates, north of Downtown Chappell Hill off of FM 1155, is really pretty with lots of paintbrush and bluebonnets.
   > Hwy 290 East, on the westbound side of the highway just before FM 1488 exit, there is a huge field of bluebonnets. Look for Liendo Pkwy exit.


April 17, 2014: The bluebonnets still look good and are still in all the same places. However, we have hit peak so now is the time to come if you're coming! :-)  Some other flowers are starting to pop more such as indian blanket, coreopsis, wine cups, and evening primrose. We probably only have a couple more weeks of good flowers, maybe less, so plan accordingly and enjoy!


April 9, 2014: Lu reports that the Hoddeville School Rd mix is looking better each day. Also FM 2679 is a nice road with some fields showing paints and bluebonnets.


April 8, 2014: Happy Tuesday, all! I checked on our "townie" bluebonnets this morning - lookin' good! The business park (FM 577 & 290), Wood Ridge Blvd behind Wal-Mart & La Quinta, and Stringer Street next to The Banner Press are still great places for pictures with the kiddos - safe, accessible, plentiful. 


The paintbrush on FM 390 near Long Point Rd is beautiful. And bluebonnets are plentiful along 2780 from Burton to Flagpond Rd. There are some fields, but the fields don't attach to the main road.


Flowers along Lake Somerville Trailway

Hoddeville School Rd's mix of flowers is really beautiful still, too. And the mixed field along the Lake Somerville Trailway is gorgeous! I went there Saturday - parked at Newman's Bottom and hiked towards Nails Creek about a quarter mile or so. It was well worth it! Here's a map to show you where I went in relation to the actual Lake. Click it to enlarge.


I think I've determined - no matter where you drive in Washington County this year you will find flowers of some kind. Get out there, explore, and enjoy!   ~Jenny :-)


April 1, 2014: I wrote a blog for you to highlight the best of the best so far in Washington County. Find out where to go to get the best shot!  ~ Jenny :-)


March 30, 2014: LOTS of activity throughout the whole county! Click above to see the map for a look at what's where. Lu found FM 1155, FM 2621, and Old Independence Road with a lot of activity. As well as a lot of county roads off the beaten path. There's a large mix of flowers, lots of paintbrush, but the bluebonnets are not disappointing anymore. We haven't hit peak yet, but what's out there looks really nice!


KID FRIENDLY in Brenham: The Brenham Business Park has beautiful bluebonnets along its road. Coming from Houston, take the first exit at Bus 290 & FM 577 and turn left at the light to go under 290, then go straight. That road wraps around to meet back up with the 290 feeder road. As you're driving, if you take the first right back towards the feeder you'll find the best bluebonnets in that section. Coming from the West, take the exit after the 36 South exit. When you see Brenham Saddle Shop, turn right. Go around the bend and turn left to go back towards the feeder and you'll find the same beautiful bluebonnets. This area is great for kids as the road is very low traffic and wide.


March 29, 2014:

We went on a search for wildflowers and found lots of beautiful flowers today, a mix of all kinds, on all the roads we traveled...


Starting in Brenham we went west on 290 to Burton. Thru Burton to 2780 and turned right on Christian Cemetery Rd. Veered left at the Y in the road, then right at the T, then left on 1948 to Lake Somerville.


After a brief stop at Bluebonnet Pottery we went South on 36 to 390. Here we made a right to check out a specific road - Hoddeville School Rd has a pasture maybe a quarter mile off 390 with a wonderful mix of all our fave flowers. You can get great shots from the road as this is private property.


Then we went back to 36 and crossed to continue on 390 to Independence. Old Baylor Park is a great place for kids - bluebonnets are not plentiful in this field, but there is a mix of many flowers. We then took a right on FM 50 then veered left to drive along the backside of Antique Rose Emporium and followed that road around till it reconnected to 50. Left on Clover Rd to Windy Winery...beautiful!


We went back to 50 and took it to 105 in Brenham. There's an open field there you can get out in, even though the flowers aren't dense or peaked it's still a beautiful mix. Just pull off the road fully and be very careful!


We also found bluebonnets in Brenham on Hwy 36 loop to 290, behind the Brenham business park near 290 & 577, and behind Knights Inn/Las Fuentes on the 290 feeder just past Becker Dr. Becker has lots of bluebonnets and leads to Stringer, another great bluebonnet spot. Also behind Wal-Mart is another safe picture taking place. All these in town are kid friendly!


Our coworker went east of 50 today covering Chappell Hill and Washington. We'll have an update on Monday.


Get out there and explore!! The flowers are really beautiful and driving the countryside is worth it! ~ Jenny & Page


March 27, 2014:

New reports show Indian paintbrush at:
     > Old Chappell Hill Rd and Old Navasota Rd
     > FM 2193 and Flewellen
     > On Pulawski Rd near Wakefield Farms you may find purple verbena, paintbrush and bluebonnets.

A nice mix of flowers can be found at Old Baylor Park in Independence.


March 25, 2014: All flowers are getting more full as each day passes. Here are some reports:

Drive By: FM 1155 north of Chappell Hill; FM 390 east of Independence, FM 50, Hwy 105, Hwy 290 East and West, Hwy 36 South

Take Pictures: (Be careful of traffic and respect private property by NOT crossing fences, cattle guards, etc.)
     > Hwy 290 East between Chappell Hill and the Brazos River, specifically at the Welcome sign.
     > Stringer Street and Becker Drive in Brenham - they are still developing, but the bluebonnets are plentiful in the field on Stringer.
     > Giddings Stone Mansion in Brenham - still developing
     > Old Independence Road & Captain Scott Rd - large field of Indian Paintbrush, low traffic road.

March 23, 2014: Bluebonnets are getting more plentiful on Hwy 290 East from Houston. The bluebonnets surrounding the Welcome sign are beautiful now, but will really be full in another few days to a week. There are also a lot of Indian paintbrush along Hwy 290.


I was driving from Katy to Austin yesterday - I-10 had flowers, but Hwy 71 from Columbus to Bastrop was gorgeous! We hope our roads will be as beautiful in a few weeks, but if ours don't develop you can certainly find them there! :-)   ~ Jenny


Indian paintbrush on Stringer St in BrenhamMarch 20, 2014: The indian paintbrush and bluebonnets are really coming in on Becker Drive and Stringer Street in Brenham. The open fields there are easy to access with parking on the street. The paintbrush is more plentiful and visible right now, but the bluebonnets are starting to show and look nice!


Grape hyacinth at Old Baylor in Independence, TX

March 19, 2014: Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush have been spotted on Hwy 105, 290 East, Hwy 36 South, FM 1155, and FM 3456 at 332.

In Brenham you can find flowers on Becker Dr, behind Whataburger, in front of Los Cabos, and in flower beds around the downtown area and at Giddings Stone Mansion. Small amounts, but flowers nonetheless!

There are also some really pretty purple flowers on FM 1155 near Chappell Hill. Also at Old Baylor in Independence are blue eyes and grape hyacinth (pictured).

Enjoy and keep your eyes out - all of these are young yet. The coming weeks should be quite a spectacle!


March 17, 2014Paintbrush is getting more plentiful along Hwy 290 East. I was a passenger in the car yesterday and spied a lot of baby bluebonnets on Hwy 290 East as well. They are out there, but not very visible yet. The next couple of days we should have sunshine, so maybe that will help them pop up a little taller. Keep your eyes out!  ~Jenny :-)

Bluebonnet at Giddings Stone Mansion, Brenham


March 14, 2014: Indian Paintbrush (IP) is winning the blooming race this season! They are still small and scattered, but they are out there! I took a look around Brenham, Hwy 36 south to the county border and Hwy 36 North to the Lake Somerville Dam. Found a lot of IP in the median along 36 South just a mile outside of town. There were even some Bluebonnets (BB) mixed in, but small patches - you have to be specifically looking to see them! Hwy 36 North also has lots of IP scattered along the road closer to Brenham and in town near Scenic Estates across from Hohlt Park. Again, they aren't plentiful, but certainly getting better with every passing day!


There is also a lot of IP on Hwy 290 East starting around Prairie View all the way to Brenham.


In town I found some BBs in the ever-faithful stretch between Whataburger and Maurice's. Across the highway below Los Cabos there are BBs growing on the embankment. There isn't much in way of photography - YET - but we're hopeful!


In front of Giddings Stone Mansion there are lots of pretty little yellow wildflowers, a few IP mixed in and I managed to find ONE lone BB as I walked around. We did a seeding there in 2013 so we're hoping to have a good display in the coming weeks. Hopefully!  ~ Jenny :-)


March 11, 2014: There have been reports of bluebonnets popping up on FM 1155 just north of downtown Chappell Hill. Also in the median along Hwy 290 between Chappell Hill & Brenham. These would all be small and early, but they are there!


Indian Paintbrush is blooming in the field behind JC Penney in Brenham just off Becker Drive. This field, in the last couple of years, has had a nice mixture of flowers, so we'll see how it progresses.


It's still early for our flowers this year given all the freezing temps and cloudy days, but the "townie" bluebonnets are out, so we're confident we'll see the country ones soon!


March 4, 2014: Over the last week we saw some "townie" bluebonnets pop out and get us excited about Spring, but then the big freeze came! They are iced over, but we're not too worried about the ice impacting them negatively. The next few weeks will be very telling, so be sure to keep your eyes out and check back here often!


February 24, 2014: Last week's sunshine helped a Brenham homeowner's yard full of clover bloom our precious bluebonnets. But that is the only flower activity we've seen so far. As for the countryside, there IS evidence of bluebonnets yet to come. Once we get some more sunshine we should see a lot of activity.


February 7, 2014:  Bluebonnets are coming! We've seen evidence of them growing and even had a few peek out early during the warmer spells of December and January. STAY TUNED!