Bluebonnet Peak is Here

We’ve been watching closely and have determined that the bluebonnets have peaked in Washington County. There may be some newer blooms, but the areas we’ve already reported on are at peak or just beyond now. The ones in Brenham are definitely fading, or starting to fade. If you haven’t come yet, you’ll want to do so within the next 10 days.

The bluebonnets are pretty, and we’re happy to see that they have been plentiful this year, but we’re also thankful we have so many other wildflowers to enjoy! The Evening Primrose (pictured) seems to be growing nicely now. Indian Blanket is blooming already, and that stays thru May usually. I even spied some bright red Wild Phlox (I think)!

We hope you’ll come explore and enjoy all the many wildflowers that are growing in Washington County, from now through May. There are plenty of events coming up in April, too! Maybe make a mid-week retreat or a Wildflower Weekend out of it!

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~ Jenny 🙂


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  • Cynthia Murray LANGLEY

    Has anyone been from Brenham to Industry on 109 lately? They are the bluest of the bluebonnets. Have they gone to seed?

    Thinking about using 109 tomorrow on the way to the Schulenburg Sausage Festival.

    • Jenny Mills

      Cynthia, we have not been on FM 109 lately. I was on a short section of it a couple of weeks ago and the flowers were okay. My best guess is that they are still there but faded, but it’s still a nice drive and you’ll probably see a lot of other pretty wildflowers along the way. Enjoy! ~Jenny

  • Julie

    Coming from San Antonio to visit Brenham this weekend. Are the bluebonnets still plentiful…or did we miss it completely?

    Thanks for any advice!

    • Jenny Mills

      Hi Julie! We still have bluebonnets, so come on over! Come to the visitor center in Downtown Brenham when you arrive and we’ll give you a map to show you a good route to drive around and enjoy the flowers. ~ Jenny 🙂

      • Julie Worthley

        Thanks so much, Jenny! Appreciate your response. We’ll stop by!


  • kay

    Is it too late to see bluebonnets on Easter weekend?

    • Jenny Mills

      Yes, Kay, the bluebonnets are pretty much done. You may find a few still out, but they will most likely be faded and/or the grass will be too tall to see them well. Come on over to enjoy other activities, or other wildflowers, and plan to see the bluebonnets again next year! -Jenny 🙂

  • Sharon Deselle

    Are the blue bonnets still blooming?

    • Jenny Mills

      Hi Sharon. There are very few bluebonnets currently in bloom. Most bloomed starting in mid/late February and all of March. ~Jenny

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