Geocaching Tour

Washington County GeoTour

A revamped GeoTour for Washington County is here! Enjoy a new GeoTour through Brenham, Burton, Independence, Washington and Chappell Hill. Thirty new geocaches, a new Passport and a new reward Geocoin awaits! And yes, the coin IS trackable.

Sign up for a free geocaching name on, then load your GPS or download a geocaching app for your smartphone. Search for nearby caches and off you go!

All the GeoTour caches start with WCGT and have a number in the title. Match the code found at the same cache and write it in your Passport for credit toward a geocoin. Once you find at least 15 caches AND collect at least 30 points, turn in your Passport to redeem your prize!

View all the caches on our GeoTour Page on!

Use the REVISED Passport after September 24, 2018.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a FREE real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online at If you are not already registered, you will need to do so to find caches and log your finds.

Worldwide Fun for All!

Geocaching is a fun hobby for all ages and all walks of life. A worldwide challenge for adventure enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, teenagers, children, seniors – you name it! There are more than 6 million geocachers registered in this world, finding at least one of 2+ million caches each day. It’s a great way to get outside, get dirty, explore new areas, and bond with your friends and family.