Good News – 03/28/2019

Flowers are blooming more all around the county every day.  While none of our staff have any expertise in horticulture, we’re thinking next week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, will start the best time to come see the wildflowers.

Photo taken off FM 390 by Old Gay Hill Rd.

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  • Freda Thomas

    We have plans to come to Brenham and surrounding area next week, do you have maps of good roads to see flowers, or recommendations for accommodations which will accept a small dog? we are a retired couple looking for flowers, historical sites, restaurants, and places we should visit in that area. Any information you could send would be appreciated.

    • Jennifer Phillips has a map or you can pick up a visitor guide in the visitor center or at any local hotel. Have you browsed around our website, it lists all our lodging, dining, shopping, and attractions for the entire county.

  • Suzette Magee

    And if next week is the start, how long will it last from then?

    • Jennifer Phillips

      Usually a week to 10 days, but that’s just a guess.

  • Karen Coy

    Driving up there this Sat. Could you recommend a good place to have lunch. Will be visiting the square also

  • Sparks

    Hi, I just downloaded a copy of your map. What are the highlighted areas? Spots where wildflowers are easy to see/photograph?

    – Sparks

  • Brandon Huynh

    What happen to the field on Indian Paintbrush road next to highway 290. Are they not as good as other years?

    • Jennifer Phillips

      I believe that is private property. It could’ve been mowed or it could just not be blooming as much or even yet this year.

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