Goodbye, Bluebonnets

That’s all, folks! The bluebonnets had a great season, but it’s time to say goodbye to our favorite wildflowers.

Other flowers that you can enjoy while driving around Washington County are Indian blanket and Mexican hat. Both of these flowers don’t mind the sun as much and will stay along our roadsides for another few weeks.

The scenery around Washington County is beautiful, with and without bluebonnets. If you are looking to get out of the city for a day or two and enjoy green rolling hills, wildlife, and flowers, come see us! The roses at Antique Rose Emporium are also beautiful right now!


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    any bluebonnets anywhere? let me know please would like to drive through the area on Easter sunday

    • Jenny Mills

      Patricia, we don’t know of any currently blooming bluebonnets that would be picture worthy. Most of what’s out now is faded/dead bluebonnets with tall grass and other wildflowers like Indian blanket, evening primrose, Mexican hat and others. In town, in the field next to Germania Insurance, I noticed this morning a few bluebonnets among many Indian paintbrush, but those are very late bloomers. Our season has come to an end for 2017 bluebonnets, but I’m sure if you drive around Washington County along country roads, you’ll enjoy the scenery no matter what! ~Jenny 🙂

  • Jay

    Where is the best place this week to take some photos with a baby?

    • Jenny Mills

      Hi Jay. There are no bluebonnets left. The wildflowers that are blooming right now (red & yellow in color) are along the roadsides & highways and are not very safe places for pictures with a baby. Antique Rose Emporium has pretty roses in bloom – that would be a good place to visit. Enjoy! ~Jenny 🙂

  • Marcia

    We have TONS in Austin still. 🙂

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