Rain is a blessing…and a curse

We’re seeing more and more wildflower blooms around the county everyday, especially after all that rain we got this weekend.  Some of the earlier blooms needed a bit of a drink of water and we think it will spur the “late bloomers” into action.  We are a bit concerned that it will also spur the grass and weeds to grow as well.  There are still great views along all of our scenic drives and the map on the main page has been updated, but we recommend you come sooner, rather than later in the season.  This weekend is the Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival and the Blue Bell Fun Run, so if you’re in town, stick around for the FREE Cool Nights, Hot Tunes concert in Downtown Brenham.

We’ve also spotted some flowers around the county that we can’t identify – so if you happen to know what this red flower that was spotted on FM 2502, let us know.


Same goes for this purple plant we found on on Latium-Cemetery Road that we can’t identify, we’re STUMPED!

Last but not least….we’ve gotten a TON of questions asking what these trees are with the orange/gold blooms.  They are Huisache trees!

We look forward to seeing you around Washington County!

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  • Debbie

    Pretty sure the red one is a crimson clover. I’m unsure about the purple one.

    • Jennifer Phillips

      Thanks! Several people have mentioned the Crimson Clover.

  • K

    There is literally NOTHING on Hwy 105. Don’t waste your time.

    • Jennifer Phillips

      It really depends on what you’re looking for. No, there are not fields and fields of bluebonnets, but there are wildflowers blooming all along the side of the roads around the county, including 105. Our problem now is with the rain we’ve recently gotten, the grasses and weeds are now growing taller than the wildflowers.

  • James Volosin Photography

    The purple flower with white tips is Vetch. Unfortunately, it is also a non-native wildflower.

    • Jennifer Phillips

      It may not be native, but it sure is pretty!

  • Nasreen

    The purple one is called Hairy Vetch 🙂

    • Jennifer Phillips


  • Kristen

    Any good suggestions of anywhere in the area to get a few good photos that’s a safe spot to pull of the road & not private property? Appreciate the help!!

    • Alexandra Dill

      Hi Kristen!
      Thanks for the great question! For un-fenced areas, we recommend Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site, Old Baylor Park in Independence, the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence, Christian Cemetery Road in Burton or Industrial Blvd in Brenham. These areas have space where you could walk into the meadows for photos.
      Some stunning areas that are fenced but would make great photos are Winedale Road at Boundary School Road (great bluebonnet field!) and Hoddeville School Road at Wauls Legion Road (mix of bluebonnets and paintbrush).
      We’ll be posting an updated map soon so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

  • Brenda

    Crimson Clover, Purple Vetch. The tree might be a golden rain tree but picture was taken too far away to see detail so this is a guess!!

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