Wildflower Update – 03-05-2019

We recently spoke with Mike Shoup, plant expert and owner of Antique Rose Emporium in Independence. He said, “I think this year is going to be pretty special, with the peak for bluebonnets occurring late March to the first week of April, maybe even into mid-April.” He said he expects that we’ll see bigger than normal plants, that the flowers that are appearing right now are not fully developed yet.

We do have some flowers showing at Old Baylor Park in Independence, and scattered along various roadways. However, we strongly recommend that folks who can’t wait to see the flowers not attempt to drive onto the unpaved shoulders of our county roads as there is a good chance they could get stuck in the rain-soaked earth.

Of course, as you know this is all weather dependent. The Houston area received only 9 days of partial sun during the month of February – and it was about the same here. We have been gloomy, wet and cool to cold forever, it seems. Last night’s freeze might prove to be a good thing for hampering the growth of grasses and weeds that could compete with the bluebonnets.

Again, we’ll keep this page updated with information as it becomes available.  THINK WARM, HAPPY, SUNSHINE THOUGHTS!!!

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  • everett hidalgo

    3/10/19: the wife and i are ready to do our annual bluebonnet trip between Houston and Austin, but according to the current report of March 5th,
    it looks like it is still too early to hit the highways. I appreciate your website, and hope to receive a report saying “NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR BLUEBONNET

    • Jennifer Phillips

      We are anxiously awaiting the day to post that too!

    • Kenny Ng

      Would you mind sharing your route? Where would you stop between Houston and Austin?

      • Jennifer Phillips

        On the main wildflower watch page, there is a printable map that you can download.

  • Jo Watts

    Will tomorrow, March 14 be too early? I have a friend here from Connecticut and she has only two days the 14th and 15th

    • Jennifer Phillips

      Yes, definitely too early. But keep checking back for updates!

  • Helen

    I would like to visit Independance and the Historical Baptist church, along with seeing wild flowers and some longhorns. Any country roads around that area I shoud check out?

    • Jennifer Phillips

      Yes! Download the map and the “red” roads are backroads you can drive down. There’s really not a lot of flowers to see just yet.

  • Helen mills

    Any places.I should try out for lunch and dinner? What type of lodging in the event I want to spend the night

    • Jennifer Phillips

      Check out our “stay” section on the website for lodging and “eat” for dining!

  • Carol M

    Want to come 3/16, an out town friend visit us. Is it too early??

    • Jennifer Phillips

      No change really since our update on 3/11 – some sporadic spots around the county. You may try out at Old Baylor in Independence, but it’s still a little too early.

  • Sherry Ramsey

    Update? 3/18/19

  • Chris D

    Hoping to find old churches, cemeteries, headstones in a sea of blue [red and yellow]. Suggestions re: better locations and dramatic visuals over others? Many thanks.

  • Nina P.

    March 21 — are the wildflowers in bloom now? ready for viewing?

    • Jennifer Phillips

      Not like they usually are. I was out and about yesterday & saw some sporadically, but we’re thinking it will be at least another week or 2 before they really start to pop. Be sure to stay tuned to our Wildflower Watch for updates.

  • Greg Shaw

    March is almost over. April is around the corner. I believe that it’s almost time.

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