Wildflower Watch 2019

Spring is almost here and we’ve started to see some wildflower blooms pop-up around the County.  Nothing “photo worthy” yet, but keep checking back here & we will provide updates on where flowers have been spotted.  The red roads on the map are typical driving routes where we’ve seen good crops in the past.  Maps also available in the Visitor Center in Downtown Brenham located at 115 W. Main Street.

Prime blooming season is any time between March & April.  Please respect private property and obey traffic laws.  And as always, watch out for insects and reptiles.

Photo Credit:  Kathleen Falcona

11 reviews

    I am a frequent visit of the Brenham area during the wildflower season. A friend and I are planning a visit very soon. When is the BEST time to get the best flowers?

    • Jennifer Phillips

      Unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact time on when the best time to come will be. We’re at the mercy of Mother Nature, but predictions are for March to be a good month this year. Stay tuned to our Wildflower Watch page & we’ll post updates there frequently once we see some good spots along our recommended drives.

  • Geetha

    We are planning to visit blue bonnets on March 30th. Please suggest if it’s good time to visit Brenham?

    • Jennifer Phillips

      There are flowers blooming all over the county. There is a “Bluebonnet Trail” marked on the map in our Visitor Guide. You can download it or pick one up at the Visitor Center in Downtown Brenham.

  • Aniruddh

    Is next weekend still a good time to come see wildflowers?

    • Jennifer Phillips

      The wildflowers are blooming throughout the county, but we recommend coming sooner, rather than later. With all the rain we got this weekend, we’re afraid the grass will start growing taller than the flowers themselves.

  • Cathy

    Are the bluebonnets still blooming? I want to visit the Brenham area and take pictures this Friday, April 12, 2019.

    • Jennifer Phillips

      They are still blooming, but we recommend coming sooner, rather than later. With all the rain we got this weekend, the grass will start to grow taller than the flowers.

  • Ghadir

    Wondering if bluebonnets are still there? We visit Brenham every year to see them and know we might be too late this year.

    • Jennifer Phillips

      The season is winding down. There are still wildflowers blooming, but the grass has grown taller than most of the bluebonnets.

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