Wildflowers – March 21, 2017

The wildflowers and bluebonnets are looking really nice! Now is the time to come! The weather has turned warmer again, but as long as it doesn’t get TOO hot, the flowers should stick around for another couple of weeks.

Consult the Wildflower Map for details on where we know the flowers are. Here’s the recap of the best, and safest, places to get pictures in the bluebonnets.


  • Behind LaQuinta on Wood Ridge Blvd
  • In front of Denny’s on Hwy 36 South
  • Behind the car wash across the street from Denny’s
  • Along Chappell Hill Street between Market St & Stringer St – maybe one of our favorites!
  • Along the road behind Sealand Seafood & Steakhouse – turn right from the feeder road at Sealand. Bluebonnets are on both sides of the road thru to the T.
  • N Park St & Hwy 36. Access from Park St & turn onto the little side road that runs parallel to 36.
  • Just a couple of miles southwest of town is Pleasant Hill Winery. Access via Salem Road off Hwy 36 S. You may park in their lot and access the bluebonnets behind the winery. PLEASE be respectful of the vineyard and do not mess with the grapevines.


  • Use Old Independence Road to drive from Brenham to Independence – you’ll find pretty flowers sprinkled along the road, then fields near Mockingbird Ln.
  • Old Baylor Park – bluebonnets are along FM 390 and around Coles Settlement. There are some behind the Baylor columns, but they aren’t great.


  • Use Hwy 105 to drive to the park – there are lots of bluebonnets along the road and embankments!
  • Large field of bluebonnets at FM 50 and Hwy 105 – you can turn left on FM 50 (one mile outside Brenham), then turn right into a dirt drive to pull off the road. PLEASE be respectful of the land & watch where you step!
  • At Washington on the Brazos, flowers are around and behind the Visitor Center. Go inside and talk with the staff about where the flowers are.


  • Old Independence Rd from Brenham to FM 390.
  • FM 109 to Oil Field Rd
  • Adamek Rd from FM 332 to Dogwood Rd to FM 2502 – the mixture of flowers on this section of road is really lovely!! At least 5 varieties of wildflowers.
  • Hwy 290 West from Brenham to FM 2679
  • Hwy 290 East from Hempstead to Brenham – lots of yellow wildflowers!
  • FM 105 from Brenham to Washington on the Brazos – lots of bluebonnets along the road
  • FM 390 from Burton to Independence (flower status unknown, but it’s still a beautiful drive)
  • Hoddeville School Road from FM 390 to Wauls Legion to Hwy 36 North (flower status unknown, but has been a good drive in years past)
  • FM 1155 from Chappell Hill to Washington (flowers are sprinkled)

Tag photos you share online with #BrenhamBluebonnet so we can enjoy them, too!


6 reviews
  • Pat Dinhoble

    Thank you! The perfect planning site!!

  • Ken

    Thank you so much! We were able to escape the crowded fields along 290 due to the info on this site. The fields behind Pleasant Hills Winery were perfect!

  • Belma

    We went to see bluebonnets this past weekend and I loved it!

  • Anjuli Shah

    R there any more wildflowers to see this Easter werkend

    • Jenny Mills

      There are wildflowers blooming throughout the county, but they aren’t bluebonnets. You’ll find more red and yellow wildflowers of various types at this point, plus a lot of high grass.

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